What Are The Measures To Avoid The Corona Virus? Symptoms Of Corona Virus And Their Solution

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The World Health Organization has asked to take special care of cleanliness to combat the virus. For this, cleaning of hands has been given importance and suggested to wash hands at least five times a day. WHO has also described how and when to wash hands.

Stay Home, Stay Safe

Must Do For Secure Yourself and Your Family

कोई खाली पेट न रहें।  उपवास न करें। रोज 1 घंटा धूप लें। एयर कंडीशनर का प्रयोग न करें। गर्म पानी पिएं, गले को गिला रखें। सरसों का तेल नाक में लगाएं। आप सुरक्षित रहें और घर पर ही रहें। घर में कपूर और गूगल जलाएं। रात को दहीं का खाएं। एक चम्मच चमनप्राश खाएं। बच्चों को और खुद भी रात को एक एक कप हल्दी डालकर दूध पियें। सुबह की चाय में एक लौंग डालकर पिएं। फल में सिर्फ संतरा ज्यादा से ज्यादा खाएं।

(Do not be an empty stomach. Do not fast. Take 1 hour sunshine daily. Do not use air conditioners. Drink warm water, keep throat sore. Apply mustard oil in the nose. You stay safe and stay at home. Burn camphor and google at home. Eat only at night. Eat a spoonful of Chamanprash. Drink milk by adding one cup of turmeric to children and to yourself at night. Drink a clove in the morning tea. Eat only more and more oranges in the fruit.)

Grow Your Immunity Power By Doing Daily exercise and Yoga Regularly and make your Food Normal And natural

Be careful if you see symptoms

Do not travel if you have fever, cough and cold. Sudden high fever.  Fast fever, cold and cough.  Weakness in body with severe pain. Liver and kidney problems. Breathing trouble. Symptoms of pneumonia. Sudden trouble in digestive activity.  If this happens, contact the doctor.

What not to do to avoid the corona virus

If you have cough and fever, then keep distance from people. Do not touch your eyes, mouth and nose again and again. Avoid spitting in public places. Avoid going to farms, knowing livestock market. Avoid coming in contact with live animals and eating under cooked meat. Avoid where the animal is slaughtered.

Another Important Measure of Corona Virus

Use The Pen To Press The Button In The Lift

Lift is the most deadly in this environment because many people breathe in the air of the same closed lift and use the button. In such a situation, he suggested using the pen to press the button in the lift. He also asked for special precautions when using the toilet.

When You Wash Your Hand?

After sneezing and coughing.  After meeting a sick person.  After using the toilet.  After cooking and after eating.  After touching the animals. Take care Use tissue or cover with elbow when coughing or sneezing. If someone coughs or sneezes near you, breathe in pieces for a few seconds.

Put Mask on mouth

This is very common protection. It is generally seen that many people avoid applying the mask on the mouth and they feel troublesome. Given the danger of corona virus, it is necessary to wear it when you are going outside your house to a crowded place. According to doctors, this reduces the risk of infection significantly. It is recommended to wear N95 mask.

Avoid Touching Your Face

According to Alistair Miles, a researcher at Oxford University, people should avoid touching their faces again and again. He said in a tweet that does not touch your face, nose and eyes. They say that if your hands are infected by coming in contact with another infected person, then by doing this you can help in getting inside the body.

Can Cold And Snow Kill The Corona?

According to the World Health Organization, there is no reason to believe that cold weather can kill new corona viruses or other diseases. The best way to protect you from corona is to keep the hands clean with alcohol-sanitizer or soap and water.

Will Bathing With Hot Water Be Prevented?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also revealed that a new corona virus cannot be prevented by bathing with warm water. The best way to protect yourself from corona is to clean your hands. By doing this, you can eliminate the infection on your hands.

Do Mosquito Bites Spread Corona?

There is no evidence that the corona virus can be caused by mosquito bites. It is a respiratory virus, which is mainly decided by coughing, sneezing of an infected person. To avoid this infection, always wash hands and avoid close contact with any person who coughs and sneezes. Apart from this, the virus is also spread through saliva.

Keep Windows Open For Fresh Air

According to scientists, if we breathe in fresh air by keeping the doors and windows open, then the corona virus can be avoided. Corona viruses do not spread in fresh air. Try to keep the door windows of your bedroom and guest room open.

Does Corona Die From Hand Drawers?

According to the WHO, no hand dryers are effective in killing the new corona virus. To avoid this, always clean your hands with alcohol hand wash or wash your hands with soapy water, this is the most effective way to avoid it. After washing hands, you can clean hands with tissue paper or hand dryers.

Keep Distance From Egg And Meat

When the corona virus is spreading across the world, try to keep away from eggs and meat. By doing this you will avoid infection with the corona virus.

Use of Mobile Phone

Clean the mobile phone regularly. Infection can also occur through mobile.

Carefully Touch The Door Handle

Professor Gunter Kampf of the University of Greifswald says that the corona virus is the fastest spread by repeated use of solid ground. In this situation, an infected person uses a ground and if a healthy person touches it again, then he also gets infected. He said that all such items are used during transport including door handles. Should be avoided Caution should be exercised at the time of use.

Keep The Room Temperature High

To prevent corona virus infection, keep your room temperature above 30 degrees Celsius. This makes the virus less susceptible to infection. Several scientists, including the US President Donald Trump, have said that the corona virus outbreak will reduce by the summer.

Can Ultraviolet Disinfectant Lamps Kill Corona?

Ultraviolet disinfectant lamps should not be used to disinfect hands or any part of the body, as it may irritate the skin.

How Effective Is The Thermal Scanner In Identifying The Infected?

A thermal scanner can identify people infected with the corona only when the person has fever or his body temperature is higher than normal due to this infection. However, thermal scanners cannot identify those infected with corona who do not have fever.

Spraying Alcohol Or Chlorine On The Body

Spraying alcohol or chlorine all over the body cannot kill the pre-existing viruses, which have already entered your body.

Effective Pneumonia Vaccine?

The vaccine used to protect against pneumonia does not protect against the corona virus. This virus is completely new and different. Researchers are working to develop a vaccine to deal with this.

Eating Garlic Is Helpful In Preventing Corona?

Garlic is a healthy food that may have some antimicrobial properties. However, at the moment there is no research that corona virus can be avoided by eating garlic.

Does The Elderly Or Children Attack?

Corona virus can affect people of any age. People already suffering from asthma, diabetes, heart disease etc. are more at risk from this virus.

What Are The Measures To Avoid The Corona Virus? Symptoms Of Corona Virus And Their Solution


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