Environment Awareness in Society, Public And Define Awareness Programs

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For a nation to progress socially, economically as well as politically, development process in different fields are very necessary. The super powers are doing this at tremendous rates and the third world is in the process of such developments. There is considerable economic growth and increase in GNP per capita and overall standard of living. The costs of such developments. We are paying is not in terms of money but equally or rather more valuable in terms of its impact on our environment. As the development and environment are inseparable linked to each other, any development process is bound to have its impact on the environment. Thus, the man has virtually reached a stage when natural resources could not be exploited further and development will have to be achieved without destruction of environment.
India has been endowed with rich natural resourcesof both renewable and non-renewable. While exploitation of these resources is necessary to meet the growing needs of human population, their unplanned and unscientific exploitation would result in severe environmental problems. It is therefore, necessary that a careful planning of  these resources is absolutely essential for sustainable development. As a developing country with a large population living below the poverty line, there have always opposing factors between environment and development. Environmental degradation is a global phenomenon. About 70% of the world is witnessing the painful results of the deterioration of natural resources, particularly, the power nation. Government initiated a number of measures to prevent to conserve the environment and natural resources.
Define Environment Awareness on Creation on Public Awareness
Public awareness refers to making the people Conscious about the physical social and aesthetic aspect of environment. As environment belongs to all and every individual matter so all the section of society should be made aware about the conversation and protection of environment, it can be done through the following ways:-


Environmental education imparted to the student right from their childhood state. It is extremely painful that now environment studieshave been included in the school and college level only after the supreme court directive.
Mass-media live news paper, televisions, radio and cinema must be used to promote environmental awareness. It can also be done through articles, street plays, stories, TV, serials (example, head and tails, Captain Planet, race to save planet etc) and films. By celebrating some environmental event like;  5th June was declared as World Environment Day at UN. Conference on human environmentheld at Stockholm in 1972. First week of October (1-7 October) is celebrated as wildlife week. In 19th November to 18th December is celebrated as national environment awareness month. In 1986, nation-wide awareness programme was started. The first program was held at environment education centre, Ahmadabad. The subject was “save water” month. Some other  important programme started under environment awareness programs are flood and drought in 1987-1988, save environment-save your life, in 1990-91, people participation in global environment conference in 1991-92, biodiversity in Oshiwara 1992-93, animal welfare and waste management in 1993-94, save earth painting means to save the Earth from “Green House Effect” and “Depletion of Ozone layer”. By providing necessary orientation and training to the planners, decision makers and leaders through workshops and training programs.
 involvement of voluntary organisations and Non-governmental organisation(NGOs) in organizing public  movements and to act as an effective link between the government and local people. Many voluntary organisations involved in creating environmental awareness are ; Bombay Natural History Society,  wildlife preservation Society of India, world wide fund for nature India, center for science and environment it was CSE whose report made public aware about the presence of pesticides more than permissible limits of the soft drinks.


Both Sumit highlighted and discussed the major problems of global environment. Earth Summit (The United Nation conference on environmentand development) was held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 1992. World summit on “sustainable development” was held in 2002 at Johannesburg. The awareness program should promote peripheral activities such as literacy improvement, health education, development of proper communication as well as marketing facility. The technical information must be provided in the development of pisciculture, aquaculture, piggary, poultry etc. to ensure their economic progress.

Give Details of Different environment awareness programs

The government has enunciated policy statements on Forestry and on abatement of pollution. A National conversation strategy has also be formulated as part of the efforts in converging natural resources. A number of laws have been also been enacted such as wildlife production protection Act 1972, the forest conversation act 1980 and the Environment protection Act, 1986 as part of my measures to implement the policy to protect preserve and promote environmental quality. Various rules have been made along with amendments in the act from time to time to make them more effective. The number of action plans and initiative have also been made by the government for environmental Protection and the conservation of natural resources particularly in, the wake of 1972, to Stockholm conference on Human Environmentand subsequent Rio summit in 1992.
On the basis of previous experiences a new approach has been eve loved which aims to encourage Grass root level participation by the people at local as well as regional level to serve as a basis for successful implementation of various development programs. Thus, the National Environment Action Programconceived by government of India NVS and active participation of NGO/Voluntary agency in creating Awareness of environmental issues among the locals to ensure proper utilization of development project so that the benefit reached the locals as well as make this project sustainable.

Ministry of Environment and Forest launch a team of national environmental awareness campaign in 1986 to create environmental consciousness at all levels of society. Government departments has been provided with financial assistant for organizing seminars, workshops, rallies, training courses, public meeting, “Pada Yatras”, exhibitions, essay/painting poster competitions for school children, tree plantation drives, folk dances, street theaters etc.The MOEF also provides a theme for every year of which campaign is centered around. During 1991, the major theme of NEAC was “People’s participation in global concerns”.
Environment programme cannot be effectively implement by the government alone. This is particularly so because of the vastness of the area of the country and also the high population density. There exist a significant variation of environmental issues from urban to rural setup within the ruler area from the locality to the other in different states. It is, therefore, essential for the NGOs and voluntary Agencies to initiate awareness campaigns local environmental issues and educate the people of Urban and ruler areas. The voluntary agencies also have a definite role in creating awareness particularly to the ruler folk in dealing with the day to day requirement of drinking water, fuel wood and fodder.


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