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Project in the following sectors are being assessed for environmental impact by the Ministry: Industry and mining, Irrigation and Power, Transport and Communication.
Besides, project in certain special areas such as Doon Valley, Agra, Mathura Trapezium and tourism project which fall under the guidelines of the ministry and all projects being put up before cabinet committee on economic affairs (CCEA) or Public Investment Board such as ports and harbors, communication projects etc are assessed. The environmental impact assessment of development project has so for been done on the basis of “Executive Order” issuing the provision of the Environment (protection) Act 1986, to ensure implementation of the suggested safeguards. The procedure, however, does not cover private sector projects. In order to bring all the projects under the preview of environmental impact assessment and to provide statutory backing, a draft notification has been prepared and to be gadget shortly. A notification on Aravalli range covering Gurgaon District of Haryana and Alwar district of Rajasthan has been issued on January 9, 1992 with the intention to protect Aravali Range for the indiscriminate of lapse of judgement.
The project authority are requested to provide relevant information as indicated in the guidelines along with the environmental impact assessment statement/Environmental Management Plan,a security of the project proposals are made by technical staff of the ministry. After ensuring the prima-facie assessment, it is placed before the Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee discusses the impacts of the project with the project and if necessary, site visit are made for the spot assessment of environmental aspects. Based on the examination, and the Appraisal Committee make their Recommending approval or rejection of a particular project. While recommending approval of a project the Committee also suggests certain safeguards in specific cases.


Environmental Appraisal Committee

In order to elicit multi-disciplinary inputs for appraisal of projects, Ministry has constituted the EAC for the various sectors with industrial mining, Thermal Power, atomic power and nuclear fuel river valley, multipurpose irrigation and hydro-electric. The EAC has expired for water resources management pollution control, Forestry, Ecology, landscape planning etc. The project authorities have to furnish the following documents for environmental appraisal of a development project; Detailed Project Report (DPR), Filled in questionnaire and Environmental Impact Statementalong with the environmental management plan should provide the possible impact of the project.
 Environmental management
Environmental management refers to the proper tools used and resource management. Environmental management is interdisciplinary approach to resource conservation and recycling and it acts as a regulatory force on human greed in resource exploitation and resource wasting. The central theme of environmental management is “the reduction or minimization of the impact of human activities on the environment, thus an Endeavour to avoid the overuse, misuse and abuse of environmental resources.” The cornerstones in any environmental strategy are: Environmental planning, Environmental status evolution, Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Legislation and Administrative. We must make an attempt to identify the purity and the strategies. In Indian context, to solve the problems that could lead to sustainable development. Contrary to western concept of conflict, with nature our basic philosophy has been of harmony with the nature. However, during last 150 years or so we have been following the former one.

Environmental Management Plan

Environmental Management Plan covers the following aspects: Safeguards and the control measures to proposed  to prevent or mitigate the adverse environmental impacts, Plans for rehabilitation of project outees, contingency plan for dealing with accidents/disasters and monitoring and feedback mechanisms of implementation of accessory safeguards. There are a number of guidelines and questionnaires for environmental clearance of different projects. For instance, for the river valley and hydel power projects, environmental impacts has been classified into three categories, viz. impacts within and around area covered by the dam and reservoir, Downstream effects caused by international in Hydraulic regime and original in efforts in terms of overall experts including resource use of socio economic impacts.
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