Define Network Topology, Technologies And Its Types In Alloverstudy

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Organization now are very wide spread, they are working with hundreds of branches spread over wide geographical areas. In routine, one expects that he will be able to examine the current status of even the remote most outpost, without any trouble, with a mere click of a button.

This wish really paved the way for emergence of computers and communication technologies. The union of both resultant of the so called popular “computer networks” which formed the basis of current day technology to keep track of data any given instance of time. Throughout the chapter we will be using the term network to signify this inter-connectivity of devices, which enables data transmission.

Most of the organization have substantial number of computers which are often located apart, each computer doing its task, at every location, but later people realized that they should be able to connect these computers,. So that one can circulate information about the entire company. This was the foundation of today’s networks.

Types of Networks In Alloverstudy

When it comes to networks, they can be classified into several broad categories, depending on their scope and connectivity. Let us look into few basic types networks like LAN, WAN etc, and interconnected networks like internet, intranet, extra-net etc.

Local Area Networks (LANs)

These networks connect computers and other information processing devices, which are located within a limited physical area, like office, classroom, building, factory, work site etc. LANs are essentially a part of many organization for providing telecommunications network capabilities to the end users.

Most of the lens use a range of communication media, like twisted pair wire, co-axial cable, wireless radio etc, which we have already learnt about to interconnect various microcomputers and work stations. For making this communication possible, every PC has the circuit board known as “network interface card”. Most of the LANs use a powerful microcomputer having a large hard disk, which is known networks server, which has a network operating system which controls, telecommunications and the use and sharing of network resources.

Wide Area Networks (WANs)

As most of the organizations are very widespread, are very widespread, whose offices are not most limited to building, they may be spread throughout large city or metropolitan area (Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN).

Define Network Topology, Technologies And Its Types In Alloverstudy


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