Characteristics Of Computer Systems In Briefly and Its Full Details

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VersatileThe computer performs three basic operations. At first instance, it is capable to across and accepts information through various input-output devices from the user. Secondly, it performs basic arithmetic and logical operations on data as desired. Finally, it is capable to generate the desired output, in the desired form. We can say that it is the programming technique which makes the difference by reducing given problem into interplay between the above operations. It can work upon numbers, graphics, audio, video etc, making it really versatile. This versatility of the computer makes it one of the most converted devices in almost everything.
Works Automatically: Computer is a device which is much more that a calculator, which is capable to do various Arithmetic Operations and need a human operator to press the necessary keys for any operation to be performed, whereas computer is different in working. Once the instructions in the form of program are fed to the computer it works automatically without any human intervention until the completion of execution of program or until meets logical instruction to terminate the job. With this automation, there has been to focus only on their part of the work ad rest is taken care of by the computer.
Diligent: Though human beings have a mind, which is very powerful computer in t he universe, but it gets tries soon with working for few hours, and it needs some rest, as well with the work there would be lot of distractions and feeling of tiredness, which affects the quality of work.
As computer is a machine, it does not feel tired and distracted. It performance is consistent even to an extent of more than 10 million calculations; it does each and every calculation with the accuracy. Hence, for a quality performance, the computer comes as a healthy help.
Intangible Benefits: Computers give many intangible benefits like flexibility, ability to accommodate changes and expansion, competitive, better services can be provided. People may be served in a jiffy without much hassle etc. These intangibles benefits many a time have great importance and are try for the success of a firm or a person, who is using the computer. Therefore, when one is looking for the benefits from the computer, one has to invariably also into consideration, the intangible component apart form according for tangible benefits.

Cost Reduction:In Spite of the cost of computerization, which is being coming down drastically over years, the benefits which computers give, override the costs, thereby making the cost incurred to be recovered within no time, in-turn reducing the effective cost, thus, one can have competitive edge over either’s, It is also attracts more and more people to go for computerization to reduce others costs of data processing and retrieval, which they have been incurring all the times. Thus one gets cost advantage, which gives one a competitive to the users, which is one of the key success factors to beat the tough competition.


No Emotional, Ego and Psychological Problems

Emotional, ego and psychological problems issues are one of the most toughest to handle, which are the common issues and concepts, which are existent with the human beings, a small rub on a wrong side, takes it all to destruct the entire setup.


As computers are machines they do not came with any emotional, ego and psychological problems, which are otherwise in nature, we may not neglects this front because above all, these are the things which are the major causes of problems arising in an environment.

Characteristics Of Computer Systems In Briefly and Its Full Details


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