What Is Microsoft Access-I Data Base Online? Full Brief Introduction About MS-Access-I

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Information adds context and meaning to the data. This gives it meaning so that people can understand it. Data must have some kind of headings or structure around it to become information. Computer Input Devices often collect data automatically. Sensors can automatically measures a temperature or bar codes can be screened at a till. This data becomes information once it is put into a framework or structure that provides context. In both these cases the data will be read into a database for processing.
A database is a collection of that can be used as information. You have learnt in the previous chapter that data is compiled in the form of tables containing records and fields. The tables from the basis of all type of processing in a database. A database in which ALL the data is stored in a single table is known as a flat file data base. (E.g. EXCEL WORKSHEET). Another type of database stores different types of data in different files with an application called Database Management System to links the files together. This type is called Relational Database (E>G Microsoft Access Database). IN this chapter you are doing to learn about a relational GUI database which is part of Microsoft office suite – Microsoft Access.

Starting Ms Access

TO start MS ACCESS, you may have followed these steps
        1.       Click at Start button.
        2.      From the Start – All Programs menu, click on Microsoft Access
        3.      And it will open the Ms-Access window.

   Ms Access Window Components

When you see an Ms-Access window these are various components that may be used for veracity of tasks.
These components are being discussed below:
1.      Title Bar–This is the top most bar that display the title.
2.      Menu Bar– This bar, which is below menu bar. This toolbar offers tools for performing various standard functions.
3.      Database Window-When a database is opened, all its components are displayed in a separate sub-window of ms access window called database window.
4.      Object Button: When a database is open it display various object buttons to navigate through various database objects like Tables , Queries ,Forms ,Reports etc
5.      Access Toolbar– this is the bar below menu bar this toolbar offers tools for performing various standard function
6.      Status bar. This bar is located on the lower left corner of MS-ACCESS window and this about and this report all the programs of database processing
7.      Mode indicators. These are located on the lower corner of MS-ACCESS window and tell about various modes under which database processing is taking place

Creating Ms-Access Database

When MS-Access starts it offers you option to either create a database or open and existing database
                      i.            Create blank database (and, then create tables, forms queries, etc.)
                    ii.            Create database using wizard

Creating Database Using Wizard

                      i.            Select option for database creation through wizard. Firstly you need to select the option Access database wizards, pages, and project from the opening dialog that appears when you start ms-access and click OK button.
                    ii.            Select the desire database wizard. Once you can click OK button, MS-Access opens new dialog box database tab select the desired for inventory management, therefore, we selected Inventory control wizard.
                  iii.            Specify the database name.  Once you click OK file for new database opens up that asks you to specify the name foe new database being created.
                  iv.            Database wizard starts now you are taken to newly created database window where you are supposed to create to create tables forms etc. once you are through with reading or providing information you can click next button to move to next step.
                    v.            Specify fields for tables. First of all it will ask you to specify tables and fields in them you can select a field by checking its box or you can remove a field by UN checking its box. After specify fields foe all tables , click next
                  vi.            Choose a screen display style. After tables and filed MS-ACCESS database wizard asks you to choose a style for screen from the given choices click at next.
                vii.            Choose a report print style. After screen display style for printed reports. Select the desire print style form the given options and click next.
              viii.            Specify the database title. And finally specify the desired database file. You can click decide to included or exclude a picture by clicking.
                  ix.            Finally start the database. Now you reached at the last step of creating database through wizard; click the box you have a trick sign if you want to start the newly created database right away. Click at finish.


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