What is Computer? Define Characteristics and Limitations of Computer

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The basic question is the bottle neck, as it is quite difficult to define the term computer, so precisely. We can define computer as “a device that processes given data to derive the required and useful information”. During the processing the computer has to perform various functions like; Accepting instruction from the user, accepting data from the user, performing various arithmetic and logical operations as per instructions given presenting the information or output to the user.

Characteristics of a computer – Topic

Computers are becoming popular and Indispensable product, day by day because of their characteristics which make them the most popular as well as indispensable. The characteristics which make the computer indispensable are:
Fastness: The speed at which the computer operates is very high; it is really difficult to the match the speed. It is usually measured in an MIPS (Million Interaction per Second). Computer is able to process the data and give the output in fractions of seconds such that required information is given to the user on time enabling the user to take right decisions on right time. A powerful computer is capable of executing about million calculations per second. Thus, we can see that the fastness of a computer is a very characteristic which gives it the power to manage the extreme data demands.
Accuracy: One can actually vouch by the accuracy of the computer. In spite of its high speed of processing, errors seldom occur, as computer’s accuracy is consistently high enough which avoids errors. If at all there are errors, they are due to error in instruction given by the programmer, inaccurate and inconsistent data or defective programs, as well defective system designs. If these holes of defects or poor programming are avoided, then there would to almost no incidents of errors. This makes the computer a very sought after product, which can be relied on for maintaining and working for the business.


Reliable: One has to always have the component of reliability for succeed. The output generated by the computer is very reliable, but it is reliable only when the data which is passing as input to the computer and the program, which gives instructions, are correct and reliable. Thus, one can conclude that the computer is very much reliable; it’s only the input which makes the difference. Inconsistent, incorrect and unreliable programs and data make the computer erroneous and unreliable that is if you want the computer to be reliable the input should be reliable. The popular phrase “Garbage in garbage out” that is GIGO represents the reliability constraints off the computer.  
Large storage capacity: The basic problem of pre-computer era was the storage of voluminous data which required large amount of paper and storage space, such that the even the storage and retrieval of data becomes a hericulum task. The computer has solved this problem by giving a provision to store large volume stock data in small storage devices, which have capacity to store huge amount of data and help the retrieval of data an essay task. Though in the initial era there were some memory related issues, but with the evolution of Technology, it has been solved and now we have the technology, which stores by voluminous data in very small devices, essay to handle and work with.


Versatile: The computer performs basic operations. At first instance, it is capable to the access and accepts information through various input-outputdevices from the user. Secondly, it performs basic arithmetic and logical operations on the data as desired. Finally, it is capable to generate the desired output, in the desired form. We can say that it is the programming technique which makes the difference by reducing given that problems into the interplay between the above operations. It can work upon numbers, graphics, audio, video etc making it very easily versatile. This versatility of computer makes it one of the most coveted devices in almost everything.
Work automatically: Computer is a device which is much more than calculator, which is capable to do various arithmetic operations and need a human operator to press the necessary keys for any operation to be performed. Whereas computer is different in working, once the instructions in the form of program are filled to the computer is automatically without any human intervention until the completion of execution of the program or until it meets a logical instruction to terminate the job. With the automation, there has been a great relief to the people who are working with these devices since, they need to focus only on the year part of the work and the rest is taken care by the computer.
Diligent: Though human beings have a mind which is very powerful computer in the universe, but it gets tries soon be working for few hours, and it needs some rest, as well with the work there would be a lot of destructions and feeling of tiredness, which affect the quality of the work. As computer is a machine, it does not feel tried and distracted. Its performance is consistent even to an extent of more than 10 million calculations, it does each and every calculation between speed and accuracy has for a quality performance, the computer comes as a healthy help.
Intangible Benefits: Computers give very intangible benefits like flexibility, ability of to accommodate changes and extensions, competitive advantage, better services can be provided; people may be served in a jiffy without much hassle etc. These intangible benefits much time have a great importance and Archi for the success of a firm or a person, who is using the computer. Therefore, when one is looking for the benefit from the computer, one has to invariably also take into consideration, the tangible component apart from the accounting for tangible benefits.
Cost reduction: In spite of the cost of the computerization, which is where is being coming down drastically over years, the benefits with computer give, override the costs, thereby making the cost incurred to be recovered within no time, in-turn reducing the effective cost, thus one has can have competitive edge over ethers. It also attracts more and more people to go for computerization to reduce the other quotes of data processing and retrieval, which they have been inquiring all the times. Thus one gets cost advantage, which gives one a competitive advantage to the users, which is one of the key success factors to beat that out competition.
No Emotional, Ego and Physiological Problem: Emotional, Ego and physic logical issues are one of the most toughest to handle, which are common issues and concerns, which are existent with the human beings, a small rub on The wrong side, take it all to destruct the entire setup. As computer a machine they do not come any emotional, ago and physical problem which are otherwise destructive in nature, we may not neglect this front because above all, these are the things which are major causes of problems arising in the environment. There are many more such tangible and intangible characteristicsof a computer, which helps the user to do work in the best possible and hassle free manner. Thus, with above characteristics computers do have a strong point to enter every sphere of life, but as all have some or the other limitations, which still to do not over, shadow the advantages of computers.

Limitations of computer: Education

Though, the computers have innumerable advantages, but they do come with some limitations. These limitations are few, which are overshadowed by the advantages they come with. Let us look into the sum of the major limitations of the computer:
Computer does not work on itself, it required set of instructions to be provided for, and else computer (hardware) is the waste. Computers or not intelligent, they have to be instructed about each and every step which have they have to perform, that is each and every task to be performed by the should be given in detail. Computer cannot ask decision on its own, one has to program the computer to take an action if some conditions prevail. Computers, unlike human cannot learn by experience.


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