What are the Meaning of Personal Management and Also Describe Its Nature?

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Introduction: Every industrial or commercial organization comes into existence when a number of persons join hands. All these people work to achieve some organizational goals. The activities of various individuals will be synchronized if somebody is there to undertake this work. Management of every enterprise takes up the responsibility of assigning, supervising and Controlling the Activities of Persons working there. Management brings human and material resources together for attaining organizational goals.

Human resource is of paramount importance for the success of any organization. Different individuals exhibit similar and dissimilar patterns of behavior. They have their own set of needs, drives, goals and experiences. Management should be aware of their requirements. Manpower management is the most crucial job. Proper human resource management will enhance efficiency and performance of people at work.

Definitions: Personnel administration is, “The field management which has to do with planning, organizing, directing and Controlling Various Operative Functions of procuring, developing, maintaining and utilizing a labor force, such that the objectives for which the company is established are attained economically and effectively.”

According to this definition, personnel administration is concerned with manpower management for attaining organisational goals. Personnel management is the recruitment, selection, development, utilization and accommodation of human resources by organization.

In the views of French, Personnel management is concerned with the proper utilization of human resources in the organization.

Personnel management is concerned with the obtaining and maintaining of a satisfactory and a satisfied workforce.

Terry has emphasizes the view the personnel management is not only concerned with employing sufficient number of workers but also satisfying their needs. Ha has considered the supply of workforce and meeting their requirement as an important task of personnel management. Personnel management is an Extension of General Management, that of promoting and stimulating every employee to make his fullest contribution to the purpose of the business. Northcott treats personnel management as a managerial function and assigns in the work of promoting employees to contribute their maximum for achieving enterprise objectives.

Nature of personnel Management

The following points bring out the nature of personnel management:

Managing People: Personnel management is concerned with managing people at work. It does not manage only organized or unorganized workers in the organization, but everyone working in this enterprise. It covers all persons including clerical staff, executives, managers etc.

Concerned with employees: Personnel management deals with employees both as individuals as well as in groups. The aim is to motivate people for getting best results from them.

Helping Employees: The employees are helped to develop their talent fully by providing t
hem appropriate opportunities. This will give them job satisfaction and may improve their performance at work.
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