Most Popular Applications of Programming Languages and their Use

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Programming Languages make the task of programmers easy and help them by providing various tools which can be used for application development. Earlier, the programming languages were applications specific, later these languages were more and more inclined towards general purpose applications development, where the application may be anything. Let us look at some of the Applications of the Programming Languages.

Education of Top Most Applications of the Programming Languages

Scientific-Mathematical applications

These are those applications, which involve the element of science and huge amount of mathematical calculations. These applications are designed to meet the needs of the people for implementing mathematical, science and statistical principles into programs for problem solving. These applications do not involve huge amount of data and if data is involved, it is quite simple structured. There are as well some scientific applications like data from satellites, Radars etc., where the data is huge, which usually creates problems, therefore data is summarized for making any meaningful conclusions.
These applications are usually complex in nature, for the reason the programmers who develop these applications must be well versed with mathematical principles, algorithms, statistical principles so that the problems can be solved Properly by writing a Program.
As these applications are centered around mathematical calculations, they require quite a good amount of CPU time,  rather than input-output time i.e. they require more of computational time rather than input-output tie, which makes these applications to be often referred as ‘Compute Bound’ applications.

Text Processing Applications

Processing of text has been the greatest need for business applications, where has to do with all the correspondences, communications etc, with letters, involving text. These applications involve manipulation of nay natural language text as the data. The text has to be formatted, shaped, etc., which is taken care modern word processors, which use several Text Processing Algorithms, which perform the tasks and functions done by a typist. Early text processing applications used English as natural language, but, now there is tremendous amount of development where one can do multilingual text processing with the languages Hindi, Telugu, Sanskrit, Japanese etc. These applications enhance the Productivity of any Business Organisationsas well as personal productivity is enhanced.

Data Processing Applications

Data, is the basis of any business organisations existence. The data has be recored, stored, maintained, summarized, retrieved etc. to carry on with the day to day business operating smoothing. Such is the importance of data and data processing. With this as basis, serveral data processing applications have been developed, which create data, manipulate data, summarize the data, retrieve data and do any other data processing operations. The data is stored in the form of records and files, which are to be maintained by these applications.
The volume of data involved in huge as every transaction creates data and it is quite important. Therefore these applications should support huge data volumes. In any Data Processing Applications, the amount of mathematical calculations involved is quite less, when compared to any other operations.
The data processing applications can do batch processing, sequential processing, online processing, offline processing etc., of the data.
Some of data processing applications are interactive. The security element of data plays a predominant role in any of these applications, where the data has to be free from destruction and unauthorized accessibility.

Systems Programming Applications

To interact with hardware, one has to do low level functions, which are quite difficult for any programmer, for this reason, system software have evolved, which provide interface for the users to interact with the computer system (hardware). These programs come under the System Programming Applications as they are involved in making the system work. The operating system, compilers, assemblers, interpreters, schedules, input-output routines etc come under this category of applications.
These applications remove the need for understanding and knowing the complexities of the hardware as they provide an interface, which hides the hardware from the programmer. These programs do the work for the users by acting as a via media for getting things done by the hardware.
Classic System Programming Applicationswere developed using assembly languages, but now with emergence of powerful languages like C, Ada etc the use of assembly languages have been replaced.
Thus, this are of application enhances the productivity of a programmer and reduces his difficulties and save time.

Artificial Intelligence Applications

These applications are designed specifically for simulating the human intelligence, these applications as it cannot happen naturally, so the term Artificial Intelligence, popularly Known as AI is apt. The applications of this concept are varied and include logical games like chess, drought, bridge etc., robotics and much enthusiastic expert systems which are used for real time applications, Monitoring of Complex Instrumentsetc, which all need human intelligence. Most of the applications use LISP and PROLOG languages which are logic based.
Apart from above applications categories, there are some applications which do not fall under these categories as they do not exactly fit under these categories, as they may include the features of other categories therefore are mix of other applications types.


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