Meaning of Environmental Problems And their Solutions

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Environment is defined as “the sum total of all conditions and influences that affected the development and life of organisms”. The interplay of material cycles and energy flows in the nature ecosystem generate a self correcting homeostasis with no outside control or set points. The ecosystem is capable of self maintenance. However the equilibrium in very sensitive to external stimuli, such as human activities promoted by socio economic goals.

Education of Environmental Problems and their Solutions


The socio-economic system of man is contrast to natural ecosystem is founded found a material base, which of course partly finite. Increasing demands and aspirations of human society create a rising demand for goods and services. This human being imposes changes on natural ecosystem and increasing control of his environment often creates conflict between as goals and natural processes. In humankind, the present economic system only money circulates within and between ecosystems. A free exchange take place between the natural ecosystem and the socio-ecosystem. The mis-allocation of resources, thereby leading to over-production of wastes  eventually poses a threat to survival of mankind.


Man’s desire for more joy and comfort has led fun to expect nature’s free goods to the extent of reducing its natural capacities for self stabilization. Up to now, man has been indiscriminately manipulating the environment at nature to fulfill his narrow selfish interest. In the process, he has sometimes left the environment so badly Mauled and mutilated that is proving harmful to the humanity itself. Now we are surrounded with curse of desertification, soil maladies, floods and droughts, urban congestion, extinct and/or  threat to many plants and animals and ubiquitous pollution of land, water and air. Yet the population growth has not been arrested, demands for food, shelter, clothing, energy and basic needs have not be abated nor has the realisation, that environmental sources even renewable ones, are finite, grown, Thus, during the last of a century, protection of environment has emerged as a major problem of present society. Number of crucial problems and policy issues relating to protection and conservation of environment has arisen in almost all countries of the world. But in spite of all this, all is not lost and the impending doom can be averted if reformed approach to resource consumption is adopted. The developing societies even despite the economic resource crunch and the political instability, are getting increasingly conscious about the environmental issues. Many of the countries today are engaged in enacting new environmental law and the establishing enforcement machinery and network for preventing environmental pollution and saving it from further degradation.
In India, the environment pollution is a multi-casual phenomenon. The principal reason of this position is rapid population growth, fast industrialization, urbanization, the technological explosion and the pattern of economic growth. Of the various kinds of pollution air, water, land, noise, radiation and order pollution affected quality of life in India and created environmental problems. Since 1971, the Government of India has taken commendable instead to inject environmental consideration into the process of planning for national development. These include comprehensive preparatory activities for India’s participation in the Scottholm conference (1972), the setting up of National Committee on Environment Planning and Coordination, constitution of state environment committee understanding of environmental protection, formation in November 1980, of a full fledged Department of Environment at the center, program for spread of environmental awareness through spate of remunerate World Environment Day celebration at ecosystem recognition of the need to check Environment Degradation and to play for environmentally sound development.


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