Meaning and Nature of Environment Studies and Principles of Environment Education

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What is Environment Education? Meaning of Environment Education and its Principles
Environment education can be defined as a medium and process of education that covers man’s relationships with his natural as well as social and man-made environment. Environmental education appears to be simplistic and superficial but actually it is comprehensive and deep. The environment education helps in creating consciousness of the environment among all people of all ages and sections of the society. Thus, we can say environment studies is a medium to create protection for ecological balance.

Meaning of Environment Studies

Environmental studies includes the relationship of population, industrialization, pollution resource allocation and depletion, conservation, transportation, technology, energy and urban and rural planning to the total biosphere. Thus, the environmental education is multidisciplinary in nature and its most essential part is the commitment on the part of one and all of us to protect our very own planet Earth by preventing deterioration of air, water and land. It also includes protection of physical and social environment including interrelations among people so that a nuclear war, a chemical warfare or any cataclysm generated by man may not destroy the world. Further, environmental education should not merely aim at imparting knowledge and understanding of man’s total environment and of methods of their application for improving our near and distant surroundings but it should be a lifelong process that aims at building skills, the attitudes and values necessary to understand, appreciate and improve our biosphere and troposphere.

   Environmental education serves three purposes together i.e.,
            1.       It help in creating awareness of environmentthrough the senses.
            2.       It develops understanding  with environment and
            3.       It helps in developing and maintaining inters relation between men and rest of the world so that all life in our planet remains safe.
    Environmental education also teaches how to protect environment, utilize our natural resources in a better way and how to improve the environment by lowering the pollution level. Thus the main purpose of environmental education is to develop a productive understanding between man and environment.

Principles of Environment Education

               1.       To consider the environment in its totality (natural, artificial, technological, social, economic, political, moral, cultural, historical, aesthetic).
n             2.       To consider a continuous life process (from pre-school to all higher levels –formal as well as non formal)
              3.       To be interdisciplinary in approach.
              4.       To emphasis active participation in prevention and solution to environmental problems.
              5.       To examine major environmental issues from local,national, regional and international point of view.
               6.       To focus on current, potential environmental situations.
               7.       To consider environmental aspects in plans for growth and development.
               8.       To emphasis the complexity of environmental problems and need to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
To promote the value and necessity of local,national and international cooperation in the prevention and solution of environmental problem.
              10.   To utilize diverse learning about environment and different approaches to teaching and learning about environment.
              11.   To help learners to discover the symptoms and the real causes of environmental problems.
              12.   To relate environmental sensitivity, knowledge, problem-solving and values clarification at every grade level.
              13.   To enable learners to have a role in planning their learning experiences and provide an opportunity for making decisions and accepting their consequences. 
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