Introduction to Era of Computers, Computers Study Era System

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We, the mankind have witnessed many eras from times immemorial, right from the stone. Age to current era of computers, where every possible thing in computerized, we cannot now imagine a world without computers and they have become an integral part of the human race. This computerization is the result of man’s search for better and more comfortable living, a hassle free world. The world has been Witnessing Evolution of Many Technologies, which many times are quite powerful, with capability to bring in a revolution, whose influence changes the world. These technologies are so profound and so universal that their impact changes entire world. Computers and communications are such technologies, which in the form of Information Technology have brought in a revolution worldwide whose impact can be almost all the areas of life.

Era of Computers System In Information Technology


The quest of man for progress towards betterment and a comfortable living which is hassle free, quiet and flexible, led him towards computerization of almost every inspect of daily life, which ensures quality in his life. With the computerization, not only the quality of work life has been enhanced but also personal life also has been high on qualitative terms.
Man, from times immemorial, right from the same age, was always been on data and its interpretation, this can been endorsed by the findings by the archaeological  who did exploration of the caves, where the ancient man tried to live. It was a very pleasant and surprising finding that the walls of the caves, not only had pictures of animals and humans, but also some indications were seen, which can be interpreted as a some data, which they used to maintain, may be the count of something or some other data confided. This is the first step in the Information quest and management.
With the growing complexity of the world, the management of every activity started becoming a herculean task, s with growing complexity grew the of data, the data to be processed, in order it arrive at any conclusion, become a major hurled in the growth of mankind’s quest for excellence. This problem in solved by computers, the invention of the millennium, which revolution alary  the information technology and the world began to crop into cyber car that ear the era of computers and information technology at an unseen and unexpected pace, which at times many make one think of it as a revolution alary, like a galloping horse.
One can compare a computer with a human being to major aspects. The human mind, itself being the most powerful computer in the world. A computer in itself is like a dad body, as it has the capacity to do work, but cannot do, due to the lack of life giving oxygen. Here, the computer has the capacity to do wonders, but with lack of element software device, without software, it is same as a lifeless body. So one can draw conclusion that the computers do need software for survival, without which their existence itself is not possible.

Introduction to Era of Computers, Computers Study Era System


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