Important Information Of Artificial Or Man-Made Ecosystem

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Man is Dominating Organism in an Ecosystem 

He is able to change the environment to a great extent. Sometimes man modifies his environment to the extent that is called artificial or Man-made ecosystem of anthropogenic ecosystem. Some important features of Man-made ecosystem are follows:
       a)       They are simple and highly efficient.
       b)      They are not diverse in nature.
       c)        They are not stable to for short period.
       d)      They are more vulnerable to sudden changes due to absence of diversity and stability.
The example of Artificial or Man-made terrestrial ecosystems all villages, City, urban settlements, Parks, gardens, orchards and plantations, whereas the example of man-made aquatic ecosystem of large dams, likes, canals, Aquarius etc.

Ecosystem and Man

In ancient times, human beings had the equal place as any other organism occupies in the ecosystem. The man living in forest and because of his omnivorous habit, and was linked to every tropic level of the food chain. Because of this quality, man had a special place in ecosystem. Later on, like all the organisms, man has also adopted them self with the changed environment, but in the recent time man started interfering with its Natural Habitat for its need and greed both. Initially human population was small; therefore, human interference with nature bars minimal but with growing population man started exploiting natural ecosystem more intensively to satisfy variety of its needs.
Man has destroyed Natural Habitat in various regions of the biosphere, to make it more beneficial for himself. He took water to the barriers land had made it fertile. At many places, urbanization, construction of dams, Roads, airports etc., led to the complete destruction of natural ecosystems. Man also started cutting trees and Forests to make the land suitable for agriculture land urbanization. Green lands turned into desert due to over grazing by animals. /human being also converted deserts to fertile land by making interrogation possible through water canals and pumps which brought water from far places to the dry regions. By all these activities man has disturbed the natural balance of the ecosystem. Further, to speed up the pace of development man use harmful pesticides, radioactive materials which not only disturbed the natural ecosystem but also polluted the environment. This over exploitation of natural resources, pollution and increasing population not only impose great threat to our delicately balanced ecosystem but also challenge the very existence of human beings.
To maintain the natural ecosystem and also to prevent the future destruction of our environment and Ecosystem man has taken step by step in last few years. To preserve our invaluable forest resources various forest conversion program like Van Mahotasava Social Forestry and soil conversation has been started. At international level UNESCO is conducting research work to maintain the natural balance, in India also, various resources Institutes like Indian Environmental Society, Indian Tropical Ecological Society, National Institute of Ecology, Central Arid Zone Research Institute, National Environment Research Institute has been established. These are all institutes have been established for to care our environment and to make the balance of our environment.

Important Information Of Artificial Or Man-Made Ecosystem


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