Computer Definition and Other Important Details About Computer

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Computer Definition: There are quite a few definitions of the computers but one has to understand the computers in terms of its functionality. Out of many such definitions, which define a computer, one can in simple words define computer based on the activity it does.
‘Computer can be defined as a machine which processes the gives data to arrive at useful information’.
The processing (execution of instructions it does as with the help of relevant software, which is set of information’s, given to the computer. These set of instructions are called software programs, which make computer work and get the required task done.
Computer works basically on data, which is collection raw facts and figures about any thing which is relevant to the organization. This data is collocated mainly through two sources, the primary source, which is collecting data directly by interacting with people, operations etc, and the secondary source, which is printed magazines, newspapers, journals etc. This data which is collected processed primary data, which information, so that some meaningful conclusion is arrived at.
This data usually describes basic facts about the activities of any system, a record of many transactions, which make up the functioning of the organization. May it be an educational institutions, business organization, business environment etc? It is generally compressed of names, numerical figures, dates, monetary elements etc. This data in the processed form is of great importance of for all the managers to take effective decisions, which determine not only the success of the organization, but also is survival. These facts usually are voluminous and one cannot analyze anything not come to conclusions, without arranging it in a meaningful form, this can be done by processing the data. This processed data is known as information. It is the information which is used directly by mankind as it helps in the process of decisions making. For example: time table, pay slips students marks, attendance, sales reports, sales data, tables etc, which are nothing but professional data.

Core Concepts of Information Technology

Knowledge: The information is the data which is in an intelligible form. The information which contains wisdom is knowledge. This is a knowledge drives the whole world and economy. The knowledge has become the deciding factor today and is seen as one of the key resources. The computers and information technology has given a boost to this process of working with the knowledge and its use very effective. Knowledge can be classified as:
a)      Facts-based: This is that knowledge which is gained from fundamental and experiments. This is the information which is derived from fundamental science, proved from experiments, rules which are accepted by the experts.
b)      Heuristic knowledge: it is the knowledge gained with experience, practice, rules of thumb, rules of guessing etc, which usually help to achieve the desired results, but they do not guarantee them. Thus, heuristic knowledge, which is collection, as they have been tried in the past with good results. Thus, in this era of computers one can achieve the objective to succeed with the help of computers to assist decision making, automate many tasks as well give a competitive advantage to the organizations or individual adopting them. An introduction to concepts and processing.


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